Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wild Game vs. Washington

Chris Capuano didn't have the prettiest night on the mound, but he went six innings, contributed to the offense and left the game ahead. A sometimes shaky bullpen (Bucholz looked good; Parnell didn't) managed to finish the game and give Capuano his first win as a Met.

As we head into week two of this season it is becoming more exciting to watch Ike Davis play. He's going to be the future of this team. He's a Keith Hernandez in the field and at the plate. This is the guy you build a team around while signing Reyes to a new long term deal.

Rodriguez showed fans that spring training really means nothing as a predictor for how a player will start the season. He didn't give up a run the entire spring and then comes into his first save situation and blows it. Against the Nationals, he was brought in for a four out save. He looked sharp in the 8th and gave fans and the coaching staff a scare in the 9th.

And of course there was Carlos Beltran's two beautiful home runs. He makes it look so easy and from the right side which seems to be his weaker side of the plate.

Daniel Murphy had a nice pinch hit. I just wish there was a place to play him everyday.

Sunday the Mets send Chris Young (who I think will have a very good season) against Met killer Jason Marquis.

Lets Go Mets!!

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