Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Ever Forget It

Jose Reyes is the force that drives this team and that is something the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson should never forget.
Nothing more to do but remind you of that incredible defensive play in the home opener versus Washington on April 8th during the top of the 5th. His gem of a play saved several runs and allowed the Mets to get close before they lost it in the 8th inning.
For him not to be part of this franchise for many more years to come is inconceivable and sends two messages:
1) That the ownership of the Mets is broke but too proud to admit it and to sell the team.
2) That the GM and his staff really don't get it and don't have a good grasp of talent and how to build a winner.

I know that Alderson came into his new role saying that he has a philosophy of not signing players who are close to 30 to long term contracts. This was nothing more than an attempt to cover his tail should the first message above be the real reason Jose was not re-signed.

Today vs. Washington the Mets continued to show how poor they are as hitters with runners in scoring position and fewer than two outs. The bullpen didn't do a great job of keeping the Nationals from scoring, either. Two areas that make me get nervous about how this season is actually going to turn out.

You had to notice the small patches of empty seats from all parts of the stadium. The might have sold all tickets but a larger size number of people decided to stay home.
It will be interesting to see how many people attend the next two games vs Washington and even the three that follow against Colorado.

Mr. Wilpon: Sell this franchise NOW!!!!

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