Sunday, April 10, 2011

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Yes it is early in the season but honestly, early is enough time to see that the Mets are not really very good and will probably be around .500 for the season.

Because the team's bullpen has been ineffective, GM Sandy Alderson has decided to call up two pitchers, Isringhausen and Igarashi - send down Lucas Duda (who probably should be playing at Buffalo) and designate Blayne Boyer for assignment.

The problem is this move handcuffs Manager Terry Collins because he has only four players off the bench.

This is the second straight series the Mets have lost and now fall back to one game under .500.

A pretty sharp 7 inning one hit-performance by Chris Young went by the wayside when Collins went to his bullpen. Sometimes starting pitchers need to finish the game they started.

Tom Seaver has repeatedly said during his visits to the booth over the last few years, that each pitcher has a pitch count. This means that pitchers know how many pitches they can throw. Seaver said his was 125.

Today's game has changed so much and players salaries have grown to astronomical levels that teams try to protect their investments by limiting their pitch count. You get close to 100, and you're out of the game.

This philosophy is wrong. Unless Chris Young told his manager that he's tiring, he should not have been removed.

And honestly folks, this year, though still fresh, looks like it's going to be a long one.


Anonymous said...

Considering Chris Young has had a history of shoulder problems, it's absurd to think of pushing him well past 100 pitches, especially early in the season.

Jeff said...

Well my point still remains that if he is able to throw 120 pitches in a game, that should be the number they use to take him out.
I understand his shoulder injury past, that still doesn't mean 100 (108 in his case from that game) pitches is his limit.