Monday, April 4, 2011

Good First Series

The Mets got off to a good start to their 2011 season taking two out of three from the Florida Marlins.
What I liked most of all was that everyone on the bench contributed to their two wins. I think Collins did a great job of getting his bench players time and they responded with good defense and hitting.
Now it's time to face the Phillies; and face them in COLD weather, quite the opposite from balmy Miami.
I sure hope that the Wilpons were paying attention to Jose Reyes and they took a look around the stadium and the POOR attendance at Sunday's game. I would hate to see a predominately empty Citi Field but I still feel that the fans must make their presence and dislike of the current ownership known by staying away as much as possible so the Wilpons are FORCED to sell and all of us true and loyal fans can get an owner who understands how to run a business team and who has the money to compete in the game we love.
Lets go Mets!!

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