Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things I Know

I know that Johan Santana wants to go over to Jerry Manual and tell him that the next time he allows one run and pitches eight innings, "LEAVE ME IN THE F(^*)&% GAME!!!

I know that Omar Minaya is the one variable that is preventing this club from going further. Who signs Guillermo Mota to a contract extension after he tests positive for steroids and has to miss the first fifty games?
Who signs Francisco Rodriguez to a multi-year deal to be the club's closer when he hasn't been truly effective since 2004??
Who signs Oliver Perez to a multi-million dollar multi-year contract when he's a free agent after Perez has spent his tenure with the Mets showing how horribly ineffective he is??
I can fill up chapters in a book with examples of Minaya's absolute stupidity regarding talent, development and everything else it takes to run a ball club.

I know that Jerry Manual is a funny guy and probably a nice man but he isn't really much of a tactical manager. Rodriguez going out in tenth inning, intentionally walking the winning run with two out and the tying run on second. He's not a very good manager.

I know that the Major League umpires are getting worse and making more terrible mistakes. Case in point: The ninth inning of the fourth game of the GIANTS/METS series. The third base umpire calls an obviously fair ball, foul. One, it's not his call to make and two, it was clearly fair and finally why did the home plate umpire (Phil Cuzzi) change his call?

I know that the Mets won today but it was not pretty, or well-managed, with some of the wrong players and the umpires didn't seem to know what they were doing.....

It's for all these reasons and many more, that we have blogs to talk about, argue, dissect and criticize all that we love about the New York Metropolitans

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