Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's the Yo Yo Effect

With tonights loss to the SF Giants, the Mets third in a row since the All-Star break, the Mets are now 4 and 8 for the month of July.
They are playing each month like a yo-yo. April was a great month, followed by May where the Mets found themselves in last place. June saw them rise again back to first and now we are in July and the Mets are starting to slip again-falling to 3rd place behind the Phillies and just five games over .500.
Up until tonight, this roadtrip saw great starting performances by Dickie and Jon Niese but the offense stopped hitting.
Tonight, Takahashi proved that he's probably a better reliever than starter, at least in Major League Baseball.
It looks like the Mets aren't really going to find a pitcher to fill in that fifth spot. Not sure if Ted Lilly would be a good fit or if Chicago would not want too many good prospects for him, so he's probably not going to find his way to New York.
It might be more realistic for the Mets to make some commitments to the future, meaning let Josh Thole play regularly as the starting catcher and keep Barajas as his backup. I think Henry Blanco is probably the odd man out because of his age, though he's a better defensive catcher when it comes to keeping runners from stealing than Barajas. And keep Tejada on the big club to split time with Castillo.
The question keeps coming back about what to do with Perez? I'm firm on the belief that the Mets need to cut their losses and get rid of him. Eating his salary is better than costing us a spot in the bullpen b/c he can't spend the rest of the season in the minors. He's selfish and has been his usual mediocre on his rehab. starts.
Minaya is still the weak link on this chain and it's imperative for the Mets to have a successful future and the opportunity for a positive future, that he be fired along with many of the front office and development staff.
Following the finale tomorrow against the Giants, the Mets travel to Arizona and then back to California to meet the Dodgers before returning home.
We need to start winning and NOW!!

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