Monday, July 19, 2010

Must wins in the desert

The Mets have a reprieve of sorts.

After losing three out of four to the SF Giants, who have a pretty strong pitching staff, and soon to face the LA Dodgers four games, they travel to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks.

This is probably one of the three worst teams in the National League and so it is imperative that the Mets sweep.
After NY returns home, the face the D-Backs three more times.
6-0 isn't only realistic against this team, it's a necessity.

The Mets will throw Mike Pelfrey, R.A. Dickey and Jon Niese, all of whom have had pretty successful seasons so far.
And the Mets usually play very well in Arizona...sort of a home away from home.

It's later in July and with the wild-card race as tight as ever and the Mets in the thick of that race and still within a fair reach of the NL East top spot, winning games against second division clubs is a must.

I would love to see Angel Pagan make three starts and believe that Frenchy has played himself into a spot on the bench. It is said he's great in the clubhouse, but it is clear now why the Braves let him go. He's not very good and certainly not very consistent offensively.

Having Ollie Perez back on the squad pains me to no end and only brings up my disdain for GM Omar Minaya. Perez stinks and had he been on the Braves or even the Phillies, I believe these clubs would have taken their losses and cut him loose.
Minaya can't and won't. But I wouldn't think that the ownership is smart enough to realize how ignorant and unqualified their GM is.

I still believe that as long as Minaya is GM the Mets will not win another World Series.

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