Monday, August 2, 2010

Playing Out of the Playoffs

With the Mets loss to the first place Braves today, they have begun to truly play themselves out of contention for anything playoff related.

Doesn't take a genuis to see this.

It's sad and aggravating and frustrating that a team like this is still mediocre in a division that is very mediocre.

Blame still falls squarely on the owners. The Wilpons are destroying this franchise and due to their obvious poor investments they appear to have little money to spend on this team. Now I hope that they will think of the good of the many and realize that they are not doing the job as owners and should sell the franchise.

But no matter, having a GM who can't seem to judge talent or make quality deals, doesn't help. I'm not talking about doing nothing at this year's non waiver trade deadline but obviously signing guys like Castillo and Perez to long term big contracts...Castillo has lost something since his latest DL stint and Perez...oh..never mind.

Jerry Manual is sure to lose his job at the season's end and he's as much as said that. He's not the best manager around and certainly can't be blamed for some of the personnel on the field, but his managerial skills are really suspect and changing managers won't really change much for this team.

Two more games with the Braves and then three with the Phillies...If they're not careful the Mets could be looking up at the rest of the division as Washington moves past them.

It's sad seeing so many empty seats and realizing that the fans don't buy into the smoke and mirrors Wilpon and company are throwing at them. Good for them. Maybe more empty seats along with the latest lawsuit against the Wilpons related to the Madoff ponzi scheme will force the owners to put the for sale sign up.

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