Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three Ring Circus

In April, the Mets went from last place to first and for a very short time, led the division.
May has seen them turn themselves on their heads and go from the top of the division back to the bottom.
After losing four, yes four, games to the Florida Marlins (something that the Mets have NEVER done vs. the Marlins in their history), the Mets are looking more like they belong at the bottom of the division.

But it's good news.

In order for this team to really make the changes that are necessary for them to be a contending team again, this rock bottom baseball-playing May has to happen.

The Mets are similar to a three ring circus: Ring One: Players; Ring Two: Management; Ring Three: Ownership.

Unfortunately, Ring Three is not going to change anytime soon, so we'll just ignore them right now. The players are not going to be fired/traded/sent down for the most part, so let's move to the third ring: Management.

Yes, Omar Minaya is heading to Atlanta, but it's not because he has stock in Coca-Cola (he might but I'm convinced even with stock, he's not in Atlanta to check out the soft drink company) or because he didn't pay homage to MLK back in February. He's there because he's going to make changes.

I think Omar is going to do one of two things: Fire Dan Warthan and HoJo and give Jerry a thread to hold onto until maybe the All-Star break OR Fire Jerry, his bench coach, the aforementioned pitching and hitting coach and bring up some of the other coaches/managers in the Mets minor league system to take the team through the rest of the season.

Now this decision which could come anytime from Monday through Wednesday is probably going to be Omar's last as Met's GM.
I'm not convinced that the ownership still see Omar and the group working with him in the front office as the TRUE PROBLEM, but they are starting to get some of the clues.

I don't believe that Omar will receive his pink slip until after this season but he's not going to be around for 2011-and that I feel strongly about.

The Three Ring Circus heads to Atlanta and I hear they're getting the spikes ready at Citi Field for the heads that are bound to roll before the next homestand.

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Scott said...

can you really blame a hitting coach?Guys don`t make it to the Majors without hitting, and i realize that everyone can always use extra guidance from older, more experienced coaches, but the everyday responsibilities for a ballclub still, in my opinion, lie with the manager, and the general manager, and until there`s a new "regime", not much will change with the firing of a hitting coach.