Friday, April 30, 2010

First Place

The Mets have truly turned around the month of April after a dismal start. Before their ten game homestand they were in last place and looking like they were going to fight it out for the bottom of the Eastern Division.
But the Mets finished their homestand with a 9-1 record equaling their best homestand since 1988 and 1969. With the Phillies in an Apirl swoon, they charged up the division sitting in first just a 1/2 game in front of the Phillies.

Now the three game series this weekend with the Phillies has much more meaning. Tonight they send Jon Niese, tomorrow Mike Pelfrey and Sunday, Johan Santana.

Ike Davis is playing like a seasoned veteran at the plate but still is learning footwork and such at first base.
This brings up a big question what to do with Daniel Murphy, who played a five inning minor league rehab game, yesterday.
I'll have my take in a blog over the weekend.

The Met's bullpen has been strong; their starting pitching has been equally strong with one exception: Oliver Perez.

I honestly believe that Perez needs to be put into the bullpen and Takahashi should be inserted in his position.

Perez stinks and there is no getting around that. He's not really major league starting material and maybe not even major league material, period.

Let's not mince words here. I am still on record (as I have been for the last three plus years) that the Mets upper management is not a very good one. Minaya has done more bad than good. Regardless of how this season plays out, it is still in the organization's best interest to rebuild their upper management starting with the general manager's position.
Of course, winning wipes away the negativity surrounding Minaya but the evidence is still staring the Wilpon's squarely in the face: that Omar is not very savvy and his crack staff is not any better.

Let's end on a positive note. The Mets are playing a Phillies team that is without one of their key players, Jimmy Rollins. And like the Mets when they don't have Jose Reyes in the lineup, the Phillies are not as strong without their catalyst.

Let's Go Mets.

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Anonymous said...

Oliver Perez has been weaker than most, but until this week John Maine was just as poor. Let's give him a little more time before burying him. I'm not saying he gets a free pass, but a few more starts wouldn't hurt. That being said, I can see him imploding in Cincy, as homer-happy ballpark as any ever built. It might be a defining week for Ollie.