Friday, May 28, 2010

On a Roll

The Mets have been playing some intensely fun, winning baseball as of late.

Beating the Yankees two out of three and then sweeping the Phillies has given this group of unpredictables some new life and thrown them right back into the thick of the division race.

The Mets starting and relief pitchers have been stellar, but one of the keys to this team is the return of the old Jose Reyes....given his no-spring training b/c of illness, it has understandably taken him awhile to return to form and he has.

He's also back in the leadoff role which is where he belongs.

Jose Pagan is playing like a seasoned veteran and with Carlos Beltran still not cleared to resume baseball activities and adding the four to six weeks it will take him to rehab once he's cleared, Pagan is making a positive name for himself this year in the field and at the plate.

The unique aspect of the baseball season is that it is a long one and filled with many hopes, disappointments and the unexpected. The Mets are doing their darndest to put things together and with their recent successes offensively and defensively, they know that they can battle and sometimes even dominate.

The season is not yet halfway through but it's turning into a very exciting season.

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Anonymous said...

Jose Reyes has been a sparkplug: he's had more than one hit in 6 of the last 7 games (14-32 by my count, a .438 average). It's been great watching him tear it up lately...hopefully he keeps it up and scores a few more "Reyes Runs".