Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Second Half- 74 games to go

With the All-Star game behind us, it's time to focus on the second half of the baseball season.
The Mets are four games behind the Braves and open a long road trip beginning with San Francisco then Arizona and finally four games with the LA Dodgers. They'll return to the friendly confines of Citi Field July 27th.

It's exciting to have Carlos Beltran back in the lineup but it is probably going to take him a few weeks to become accustomed to major league pitching and playing.
Manual has already penciled him in CF and hitting fourth with Angel Pagan moving to right field.
Looks like Jeff Francoeur is the odd man out. Since Beltran probably won't play every day, Pagan will play CF when Beltran sits and RF when Beltran plays and Frenchy sits. Most likely Manual will platoon Frenchy and Pagan in RF on days when Beltran does get the start.

Luis Castillo is probably going to be back with the team soon and so is Oliver Perez. Not sure what to do with Perez (since it's obvious the Mets don't plan on DFAing him).

With 74 games to go and the Mets in the thick of things in the East and Wild Card, the second half should be an exciting time for Mets' fans.

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