Friday, April 2, 2010

My 2010 Predictions

Here are my predictions for the upcoming baseball season:

National League East
1. Philadelphia
2. Atlanta
3. Florida
4. Washington
5. Mets
National League Central
1. St. Louis
2. Milwaukee
3. Chicago
4. Cincinnati
5. Houston
6. Pittsburgh
National League West
1. Los Angeles
2. Colorado
3. Arizona
4. San Diego
5. San Francisco
American Leaue East
1. Boston
2. New York
3. Tampa Bay
4. Toronto
5. Baltimore
American League Central
1. Minnesota
2. Chicago
3. Detroit
4. Cleveland
5. Kansas City
American League West
1. Texas
2. Seattle
3. Los Angeles
4. Oakland
NL Wild Card: Atlanta
AL Wild Card: Seattle
NLCS Winner: St. Louis
ALCS Winner: Minnesota
World Series Winner: St. Louis

1 comment:

Scott said...

I agree with NL East and Central, I have the Giants in the West and Marlins as the Wildcard, in the AL i pick Yanks in East Sox in Central, and Seattle in West with Bosox as wildcard, Yankees over Cardinals in Series.