Saturday, April 3, 2010

One Final Rant

Maybe there is some magic button that the Mets can just flip on Monday and everything is how we WANT it to be.
The mediocre pitching staff (starters and bullpen) becomes good
The older and not so skilled bench and utility players gain some youth and stronger skills
The management (MINAYA and his crack staff) suddenly SEE and make decisions that actually benefit the team
The owners realize that they are out of their league and the only fair thing to do for all the Met's fans is to sell the team.

Hey, I can dream, right?

It's beyond frustrating for fans to watch the winter go by with no real additions to a very weak pitching staff.
It's frustrating to see no attempts to find a GM and scout staff who understand and know how to measure talent and when they see some of their players as old, inadequate, terrible, etc, they don't offer a contract to them. But either, let them go or trade them or just write them off as a total loss.

And now we're finished with spring training and the realization is obvious except for the Ownership and upper office that we have a team that STINKS.

I picked them to finish last in the NL East and nothing has changed in my mind to think I made the wrong choice. Of course, I hope we play well but sometimes we need to sacrifice something. A quick losing streak to start the season whereby we show our obvious inadequacies might be the only way to have a complete turnover where we need it most: upper management.

I will never root against my team. But sometimes it's ok to expect that we're not going to do very well and if we don't, we always have the hope that our poor start will lead to positive change that will make the future of the Mets stronger and it's fan base proud.

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Jay said...

Hi Jeff,
I have no idea how I reached this but anyway I'll try again with any comments that can fit on this and then I'll send it to God knows where. Now you see why it's so difficult to predict baseball. Obviously the Mets front office is in
a state of collapse. However, to cloud the issue even more, no one would say that the manager is anything great either. It ends here. No it didn't. So, maybe the ridiculous policy that they have
regarding injuries and medical care can also be held responsible for this horrible situation. Perhaps Reyes did actually need this extra time as will Beltran;if
he ever does come back. Maybe in two years Maine will be back. The
obvious point is that you simply cannot reliably predict because you are never told the truth about
these injuries. Maybe Oliver Perez
will secretly have a lobotomy and
come back and become a Cy Young winner. Now I'll see where this goes. Jay