Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mets waive Misch but Ollie?

Wow.....The Mets have placed Pat Misch on waivers. Obviously because he isn't signed to some multi-million dollar contract and so they can cut ties with a guy who is having a good spring training.
In 13 innings pitched here are Misch's numbers:
ERA: 1.38
Hits Allowed: 11
7 walks
8 strikeouts

Yeah but for him to play on the Mets he needs to be more like Oliver Perez, right?
Perez today vs the Cardinals couldn't get out of the 2nd inning.
Here are his numbers for the game:
2.1 IP
6 hits
7 ER
3 HR
3 K
2 Walks
ERA: 8.66

But he is signed to such a large contract that he doesn't get sent down, DFAd, waived ...nope.
He's safe. He stinks but he's safe.

And on the minor league field, Santana was roughed up big time by the Triple A Cardinals.

This is sure looking like a LONG season. And it hasn't even started.

No matter how strong the lineup looks on paper and when Beltran comes back and Reyes is ready to play everyday, it's a formidable lineup. No matter because if the starting pitching can't get batters out, the offense has to score runs in double digit fashion.

I can only wonder what the owners see when they look at their organization. They must be wearing some pretty nice rose-colored glasses.

Sorry Pat, we hardly knew ye.

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