Monday, March 29, 2010

A Fan But a Realist

The season is one week away and though I am a fan, I am also a realistic person. Though all baseball fans are excited about the new season and hopeful their team can make it a strong season and reach the playoffs, I haven't been feeling that since the Mets started playing spring training games.
We did nothing over the winter to help a very mediocre pitching staff. This is going to be the reason why the Mets start slow and never recover.
Our pitching has looked pretty abysmal from the starters to most of the guys hanging out in the bullpen.
I am not sure if they will finish fourth or last but I can't see them finishing ahead of the Braves, Phillies or Marlins.
Since I live in Canada, I'm spared the dribble from ESPN's experts but it's good bet most sports writers and the like aren't picking the Mets to do much this year.
And then the question is raised, "if they do start slow and have a mediocre first part of the season, when and who gets the ax?"
It had better be Minaya and most of his front office before any managerial/coach changes happen. It had better!!

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Scott said...

Fire Minaya! Start over!