Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost a week to go

The Mets are heading into their final 6 games in PSL before breaking camp on Thursday and working their way back to the Big Apple for the Opener versus the Marlins.
I'm worried.....
I can't believe the likes of Jacobs, Matthews, Jr and Tatis are either on the team or still fighting for the last spot.
Anyone over Jacobs....he swings like he belongs on the PGA tour. For him it's HRs or Ks. He had a terrible season last year with the Royals but truth be told I don't think he's really that good a ballplayer.
Tatis needs to retire. He's having a slow spring training but Omar still thinks he can contribute...OMAR it's not 2007 anymore.
Rumour seem to be floating around the Mets shopping Matthews and if they can get some quality pitching, I would let him go .....The Reds are the team linked in those rumours.

Ollie Perez is in mid-season form: one good outing, one bad outing..the third outing is good until the fifth inning...HE STINKS.

I'm not sure if the Mets getting off to a bad start might finally get the owners to see that they need to get rid of Minaya and his front office people and start building again....I would love to see Fernando Martinez have that chance but with Bay, Beltran and Francour (when Beltran is back and No way do I trade Beltran) not sure where F-Mart can fit in.

Maybe this will be a week of miracles? :)

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