Monday, January 18, 2010

My Take on McGuire

Though I know this has nothing directly to do with the New York Mets, but I really want to voice my opinion about Mark McGuire's sudden deal with the truth.
First, if not for the fact that he was hired as a St. Louis coach, he would not have said anything about his use of HGH during his time as a player.
Second, why in the world would people give him a standing ovation? He lied, he cheated and for that he gets a standing O?
Oh, he's getting support because he's 'coming out' as a steroid user.
Please see my first point.

He's a cheat and a dishonest man and I hope that he NEVER gets into the Hall of Fame.

And for those who forgive him.....great. Just don't forget that what he achieved was achieved by cheating. So it's great to forgive....but NEVER forget.

Or, if once a cheater owns up to it (because he has to), does that make him a hero? I don't think so.
I can't help but to remember how he hugged his son and kissed him after he broke the record.
What a phony. Wonder what he tells his son now?

Pathetic. Simply pathetic.

Now let's go after all those former players who are on the list and permanently ban them from the Hall of Fame.

Still waiting for the fans and writers to forgive Pete Rose--who still belongs in the Hall because as a player he deserves the honor and as a player, he DID NOT gamble.

And let's roll back the numbers: Bonds, McGuire, Sosa..etc...

All-Time Home Run Leader: Hank Aaron, 2nd- Babe Ruth, etc.

All-Time Single Season Home Run King: Roger Maris

But Bud Selig has no guts and he's complicit with the game's people who knew what was happening.

And Tony LaRussa denies knowing anything? LIAR!

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Scott said...

My favorite part of all of this was the interview Mac did with Bob Costas, he told Costas the only reason he did the HGH was because of his ailing back, and Costas asked him if not for the HGH would he have still hit all those Homeruns and Mcguire replied "there`s no doubt in my mind, yes i would have" Try to rationalize that logic, he`s still got an ailing back and he`s not doing the `roids but he would still be able to swing a bat much less hit 70 homeruns.The mind reels.