Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Randolph Fired

I woke up this morning, as did so many others, to find that after the Mets beat the Angels and the team returned to the hotel, that Willie Randolph, Tom Nieto, and Rick Peterson were fired from their jobs with the Mets.
I certainly have mixed reactions. From my post of last year after the season, I wrote that both Minaya and Randolph didn't deserve to continue and should have been let go.
To do it the way the front office did is absolutely disgusting. Sure managers are hired to probably be fired, but there's a way to do this and to do it in the middle of the night is unconscionable.
It appears that this decision, no matter how they spin it, was made by the Wilpons....to bad that the Met fans can't fire the owners. They are like Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
I wonder why Sandy Alomar wasn't let go...he's been a farce as a third base coach and at times has cost the team with some of his poor decision-making.
Omar Minaya should be on the clock and I hope if things don't change, he and his ENTIRE front office staff is shown the door...maybe at 3am in the morning eastern standard time.

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