Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Captain Omar Minaya, H.M.S. Titantic

Omar Minaya has been for the past year and a half overseeing a sinking ship. And what did he do on June 17? Nothing more than rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titantic.

Yes, you can't fire 25 players so the manager is always the scapegoat. And though I've never been a fan of Willie Randolph The Manager, it's Minaya's players who have done in their former manager.

Even with some of the trades he's made like Santana, Church and Schneider, overall Minaya has done a pretty lousy job of building the Met's franchise.

As of this writing, we have very few minor league players who are ready to play in the Majors. Hence why he went down to Double A Binghamgton to pick up a player a couple of weeks ago when Alou went back on the disabled list.

He has stocked the Mets with a collection of older players who are just not getting it done. Four years for Castillo? He's not 27 years old....I would not have given him more than 2 years with maybe a club option for a third. That's going to eventually cost the Wilpons money.

Carlos Delgado is finished....I even wonder if he's one of the malcontents. There's no chemistry at all with this group. And it's sad.

Last night I turned off the game after the Mets batted in the fourth. It was so obvious to me that they were not going to mount much of any effort to come from behind. Maybe they're tired b/c of all the travel to the west coast or because of the constant uncertainty of Randolph's job status...but it's obvious that with a little more than half of the season to go, they're a little spent.

I hope Jerry Manuel is successful at pumping some chemistry into this squad, though I'm not sure how any manager can change the personalities of his players.
He obviously has some changes in mind notably giving his bullpen clear roles; something that Randolph wouldn't do or couldn't do.

But in the final analysis of this team, it's obvious that the real problem is the front office. Omar and his crew must go for this team to really change and become something that the fans can appreciate and enjoy.

Until then, rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titantic doesn't change the fate of that once unsinkable ship.

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