Saturday, May 3, 2008

Will the real Mets team please stand up

Wow..what a difference a day makes....The Mets go from taking it to the Diamondbacks to being a mediocre bunch of players who don't seem to have any real focus.
Still believe that Willie Randolph doesn't belong as the manager of this Delgado hit a three run home run...he also made a nice play at first to make up for the poorly played ball that was scored a hit early in the game, but I still think he's seen his best days and we need to seriously find a way to bring X-Man back to the Mets.....
Why couldn't Alou play today? For goodness sakes, Willie, he played six innings yesterday..what did he not sleep well....
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Will the Real Mets Team Please Stand Up?

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