Saturday, May 3, 2008


With Intensity...the phrase that best describes how the Mets played in the opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks. From the first pitch, the Mets came out with an often unseen (at least at home) intensity. They played hard, with a purpose and flexed their muscle...something that fans didn't see enough of during the month of April.
Whether it was the comments by Billy Wagner following the Mets embarrassing loss to the Pirates, the return of Moises Alou or just each member of the team realizing that they can and must play much worked.
I've read a number of other blogs and listened to Gary Cohen and Ron Darling discuss the comments made by Billy Wagner, attacking Oliver Perez and chiding his team for not playing the way they're capable of...and I have this to say: I don't' disagree with the comments at all, just who they were said to. Using the press to air out grievances is not something I'm ever in favor of. Keep it within the team....go to the person/people and let them know....using the press, a group that seems more interested in making news than honestly covering it, is not the best way to display dirty laundry.
Saturday's game pits Pelfrey against Webb and lets hope the Mets can continue to build on that intensity they've found in the desert.

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