Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air

Mike Pelfrey sure is a breath of fresh air. After struggling through most of last year, he's off to a 2 and 0 start and pitching extremely well. He's been the pitching gem that the scouts thought he was and may have turned the corner and now can join John Maine as another young pitcher the Mets have to build with.
I've been wondering what's going on with all the booing? Honestly I think it stinks. Sure, I know there are patrons (I don't consider them fans) out there who insist it is their RIGHT to boo. Since this is still a free country and there are no laws against booing, I guess technically they're right....but the spirit of the game would suggest a different answer. I find it difficult to view anyone who would boo their team to really be a fan. Nut is more like it. Granted, the Mets are coming off a very dismal finish to last year's season, but let's get past that and make Shea a home field with an advantage. Stop booing just because these guys don't play perfect baseball. For that matter, who really does? I only believe that a player DESERVES to be booed if he really doesn't hustle, try or shows a lousy attitude. So far this year, I don't see any of that from these guys.

If they don't get a hit, that doesn't mean they're not trying. If they have a poor outing from the pitching mound, that doesn't mean they're not trying.

For me it's very simple: If you don't like the product, stop buying the ticket. Stay home. Save the aggravation that the Mets are obviously causing you. BUT STOP THE INANE BOOING.

Since I'm on my soapbox, the only real complaint I have with Willie Randolph is his bizarre refusal to come out of the dugout and let his voice be heard.
In the last game of the Milwaukee Brewers/Mets series there were TWO blatantly blown calls by the first base umpire. Randolph never opened his mouth or came out to question the umpire. I know that 99 percent of the time, the manager is not going to get his way, but it just seems like Randolph doesn't want to bother. Let the umpire know that you're watching and that he's making lousy calls. Heck, if he throws Randolph out of the game, big deal. But do something else besides hanging out in the dugout and staying cool and calm.
If he doesn't like to rant, rave and scream, I'm cool with that. But I do believe the message he sends by not fighting for his team is a negative one and it subconsciously does send a message to the team and us fans....the ones who don't boo!

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