Saturday, September 22, 2007

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

When it comes to me questioning or disliking the way Randolph manages/handles the bullpen, I question his decision regardless of whether the reliever is successful or not. For example, I still don’t understand why Randolph only uses the same few people (while the bullpen has a few more pitchers because of the Sept. call-ups) over and over. Billy Smith is not ready for the majors. I believe he was successful early on back in April and May because other teams had nothing on him…they’d never seen him before and probably had limited scouting reports on him. Once he started to pitch more and more frequently, teams began to find his weak points and he was exposed and has been mostly ineffective since then.
Humber is in the bullpen but never sees one pitch. Feliciano was brought in on Thursday night and pitched to one batter who hit a single off of him and he was gone. It’s this type of usage by Randolph that seems to defy logic.
Mota was good for the one inning on Friday and in the last couple of months a second inning of work by him has led to disaster…so why chance it (yes, this time he didn’t hurt the team) but can Randolph honestly say that Mota has re-earned his trust because he pitches one good inning?
I realize that he was saving Heilman should he need a closer since Wagner is hurting, and he could not use Sosa because his arm would REALLY FALL OFF from overuse, but his reliance on the same four or five guys does not seem to be a smart decision on his part.
Now when it comes to Gomez….if he had a green light on base…well I think he should have those privileges revoked. He is YOUNG and obviously not very smart about situations and the game. If he was sent by Randolph then one has to question Randolph’s decision making (ONCE AGAIN)....
The same steal on Thursday night was successful so I guess either Randolph or Gomez thought it would work again??? Is that what either or both were thinking? Shame….
Different catchers and I still contend that Thursday night’s steal was a lucky break….don’t chance it again. TO make the first or last out at third base is a definite NO in baseball.
Randolph’s undying loyalty to veterans is completely flawed thinking on his part. Sometimes a younger player can do the job and sometimes it’s important to give them the opportunity because if not, how are they ever going to get experience.
I guess Humber is getting experience…..just what kind I have no idea.

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