Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Six games left

With only six games left, the Mets are hanging on to first place by a mere two games. Last night was frustrating to all Mets fans. I am disappointed that Mike Pelfrey did not pan out and hasn't been able to show whether he's made to be a big league starter or not. What is also disappointing are the boos from the fans. My philosophy is that though you pay for admission, booing is not something that I find to be a fair deal. Boo someone who doesn't play hard or hustle, but to boo a player because they didn't perform to your expectations is unfair. I am not a fan of Guillermo Mota but I wouldn't boo him. He is trying and that's the problem. He's just not very good. The Mets are really on shaking ground when it comes to their pitching staff-- all of them. The starters can't seem to go more than 5 and the relief corp can't hold the lead when they're given the opportunity.
It becomes a vicious cycle...because the starters don't go deep into the game, Randolph needs to use his bullpen more often and for longer stretches--thus tiring them out and leaving them susceptible to poor showings.
But don't boo. They care and they try...let's face it some of our bullpen are not very dependable and others are just not very good. I wonder why fans haven't booed Jose Reyes? He's not playing very well in the field at times and he can't seem to buy a base hit. But the fans are quiet with him. I don't think he should be booed but it doesn't make any sense to only boo the pitchers or Guillermo Mota.
I wonder what's in store for this team's future. We have an old team and an old starting pitching staff. If we do make the playoffs, it doesn't look promising that we'll get very far. I love baseball and the Mets and don't fancy the idea of not having them on the television to watch after watching 6 months worth of games. But what they do this offseason is going to be very important. Minaya will sure earn his pay. They need to fix a lot of holes and I'm not sure our minor league system has the answers to what ails them.

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