Monday, June 6, 2011

Off-Day Post: My Plan For The Future

This is an day off for the Mets as they head to Milwaukee to begin a 10-game road trip, so I wanted to write a post about what I would do now with this team.

I am basing this more on players than finances. Though in some cases, certain trades would free up some money.

There are three players I would trade before the trading deadline: David Wright, Jason Bay, and Francisco Rodriguez.

David Wright has been on my trade radar beginning last season. I have mentioned in this blog and in comments I left on other blogs, that I really believe Wright is as good as he's ever going to be and though a clean-cut and likable person, he is still young enough that we could pick up some decent minor league prospects for him.

Jason Bay is a favourite of mine. One because I believe he's a good ballplayer who plays the game the right way--always hustling. Two, he's a Canadian from British Columbia, so he's my home town guy. But, sometimes a team or city and a player just don't click. I think Bay does not fit in with this city and a trade would allow him to find a new home and more on-field success.

Francisco Rodriguez was another of the Minaya mistakes. K-Rod is nothing more than an average pitcher. His statistics are misleading and as he's shown this year and last, he has a difficult time 'closing games out.'
I would think a team in the thick of the race would take the chance and agree to trade for him.

If all of this was accomplished, it would enable the Mets to offer Jose Reyes a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal. I would guarantee four years of the contract. Give Reyes a fifth year player option and the Mets a sixth year team option.

He is the spark plug of this team. He's an exciting player--probably the most exciting in the game right now. If the Mets lose or trade him, you would have to wonder why the Mets exist as a team.

I would field this team: 3B- Daniel Murphy; SS-Jose Reyes 2B-Justin Turner 1B-Ike Davis
CF-Angel Pagan RF-Fernando Martinez LF-Lucas Duda or Kirk Nieuwenhuis

The off-season would be a busy one for sure but this is what I see as the best first steps to making this a stronger and more competitive team.

Oh, and of course The Wilpons would sell the club