Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pelfrey Speaks But Met's Fans Aren't Buying It

After game comments by Mike Pelfrey: "We let it slip away, and it's on me more than anybody, but we'll be fine."

I have to disagree. It doesn't add up. When during the season do we stop saying, "we'll be fine?" and realize that though we have talented players, they're not consistent, can't seem to put teams away early or late.

Take the second game of the series with the Mets having loaded the bases early and only scratched out two runs. They need to PUT THE HAMMER DOWN. When a team puts up a 4 or 5 or 6 spot early in the game, the whole complexion of that game changes--for the better.

But by only scoring a couple of runs, it's easy for the opponent to realize that they have 27 outs remaining to tie and then go ahead.

It's frustrating to hear players say things that come across as casual. Obviously they can't be quoted in the paper saying things that sound panicky but saying, "we'll be fine." is almost like an advertiser misleading the public on how much a sale will save the consumer.

It's not true and the fans of the Mets don't really buy it.

Let's Go Mets!