Monday, May 23, 2011

He said what????

A wise fool is a quiet fool....Wilpons are just not very smart; they don't know a thing about running a business.
And they're going to be the reason why the Mets will flounder for years.

It's frustrating when the owner(s) show how ignorant they are about the team they supposedly love.

Even the way they had the Mets new ballpark constructed....The Mets never played at Ebbets Field.
I admire and respect Jackie Robinson but he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers not the Mets, so why is the rotunda named for him?
It wasn't until after the first season at the new ballpark that they started making changes to reflect the history of the team that does play there.
Pathetic and even worse is the fact that Bud Selig refuses to step in and put MLB in charge of the team as he did with the LA Dodgers. OH, that's right....Selig despises McCourt and Selig and Wilpon go back 30 years together.
Unreal. Sad.