Monday, April 4, 2011


As the Mets prepare to play a series against the Philadelphia Phillies, I started to think about baseball fans.
Philadelphia has got to be the home of the meanest, almost inhumane fan. They are inconsiderate, rude and seem to know little about the game...just like those Florida Marlins fans-another group who are as fickle as the weather, know little about the sport of baseball, and are rude and inconsiderate.
After watching the opening series, I couldn't help but think why baseball doesn't just contract the Marlins? They would be doing the sport a favour.
The Florida Marlins are a team that plays like a triple-A squad. They have a manager who probably knows as much about baseball as my seven year old nephew. They are moving to a stadium that is in a part of town no one really wants to visit. It's a crime infested neighbourhood and when the Orange Bowl was there (The stadium is being built in the spot where the OB used to stand), attendance always suffered partly due to the area that surrounds the stadium. Their owner is beyond a doubt one of the stupidest people to have ever own a team.

Baseball attempted to contract Florida along with Minnesota in 2002 but Congress intervened and threatened to take away MLB's anti-trust status if they went ahead with the contraction.

But it is time to start the process of contraction and free the baseball fans of America from this mess of an organization.

It will be interesting to see, as it always is, the behaviour of the Philadelphia fans. Just don't expect too much if you don't want to be disappointed.

Lets Go Mets!

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