Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wilpons: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

From Adam Rubin's blog comes the information that the Wilpons had asked permission to speak with several members of the Marlin's front office.

What does this tell us? It says that Jeff and his father have no idea what they're doing. I spent many years living in S. Florida and Larry Bienfest is as baseball saavy as Omar Minaya.

The Marlins have absolutely no idea what they're doing and that is from the owner down. They are a mediocre franchise with very little baseball and talent savvy.

For the Mets to seek out members of the Marlins' front office is just a symptom of how uncouth the Wilpons are.

The Mets need a GM like Dave Dombrowski(Detroit), Billy Bean (San Diego), Theo Epstein (Boston), Frank Wren (Atlanta) Andrew Friedman (Tampa), Ruben Amayo (Philadelphia) or Bill Smith (Minnesota). These are men who have built or maintained winning clubs and some from small markets. Out of the seven I mentioned, four of those teams are in this year's playoff hunt and the others have either been in the playoffs or have been very competitive and finished just out of the running.

I am not saying these men would give up what they have to leave for the Mets but the challenge is enticing. I believe the Mets are close with a lot of young talent. What they need is for someone to continue to build the minor league system, bring in some proven veterans along with some strong starting and bullpen pitching.

Remember the fish rots from the head down. The Mets need new and intelligent owners.
Short of that, we're in for many long seasons of mediocre baseball.

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