Friday, April 16, 2010

Now on to St. Louis

Mike Pelfrey is starting to look like his old self but the Mets have lost the first three series of the year. Not a way to play if the post season is something the Mets really think they have a shot at.

Now it's on to St. Louis and the first game pits Oliver Perez vs. Chris Carpenter.
No matter how many times Perez takes the mound, I have no confidence in him. He's only pitching b/c he signed a huge contract and the brain trust on this team don't want to admit they made a huge, huge mistake.

Ok now don't think I'm rooting against the Mets. I would never do that. This is my team and I have been a fan since I was a small boy. But it's difficult to read other blogs, comments and even listen to the pundits say the same thing and wonder why the Mets' brain trust don't see it too?

Jerry Manual is considering tinkering with Jose Reyes and batting him 3rd. I say, DUMB IDEA, JERRY. What are you smoking, gangsta?

You need Jose in the lead off spot, not in the third spot. He's no Hanley Ramirez when it comes to power but what Jose is when he gets on is a headache for the pitcher and infield defense. Batting him third makes him less of a threat on the bases because if he's on with two outs or with men in front of him on the bases, he can't do what he can do if he's on with no out and leading off the game.

Mr. Manual, I'm having doubts about your baseball prowess.

The Mets could do wonders for their own confidence by winning the series but I'm not holding my breath.

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