Monday, April 12, 2010

The Fish Rots From the Head Down

The fish rots from the head down is not a shot at the Marlins but the obvious state of the Mets. From ownership down to upper management, the Mets smell like a rotting fish.

After opening the season with a win the Mets have only managed to win one more game and now head to Colorado with a record of 2 - 4.

I'm sure Jerry Manual is not sleeping too well as his hopes for that fast start have been dashed. The next six games (3 at Colorado and 3 at St. Louis) could signal the beginning of the end for Manual's tenure as manager.

Ironically the bullpen has been more effective than I expected. The problem has been with the lack of hitting and poor starting pitching.

Just look around the stadium at all the empty seats for most of the home series and that tells you that the intelligent Mets' fan is not fooled by the spin and nonesense that comes out of Minaya's mouth....or Manual's, for that matter.

Mike Jacobs does not belong on the major league roster of this team. Don't let that home run in the final game vs the Nationals get you too excited.
His swing is terrible and he strikes out far more times than he makes contact. Plus, his fielding has never been his strong suite.
To put it bluntly: HE STINKS.
I'm not blaming him for all their problems but he's a perfect example of the complete lack of ability to discern talent by the Mets scouts and management.

Fernando Tatis seems to be a favourite son of Minaya. He's another player who needs to find employment elsewhere. I know he likes to build churches so why not become a builder? Anything that doesn't have him putting on a Mets' uniform.

Oliver Perez...why waste my time and words. Nothing new just an inconsistent and mediocre pitcher who probably would be star in the Mexican League but has no real future in MLB.

I truly feel sorry for guys like Beltran, Reyes, Wright, Santana and yes, Mike Pelfrey. They are stuck on a team with a broken rudder and they seem to drift aimlessly towards another losing season.

It's only six games in but the fish rots from the head down.

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