Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Letter from Rick Holman

Hi Chipper:

Well, I wanted to write to you since you’re coming down tomorrow for a 3 game series with the Mets. I know you’re thinking, thank god for the Mets, like you said when you won a championship a few years ago. Yes, you’re having a tough year and I figure that with three games and the Mets pitching, you’ll probably be seeing about 20-25 at bats. You’re probably smiling now and thinking that you can bring your average up to 300. Before you jump to any conclusions, I think you should know that things have changed here at Citi Field since last year.
Game one, you’re up against Maine, looking at a couple of pitches, probably at least 5 and then you smack a single into right field, right to your friend Francoeur. You round first and think, okay, I got Maine’s number and we’ll get him in the later innings.
Wrong. A Met's pitcher doesn’t go more than 5 innings. Unless it's Santana or Pelfrey. Yes, you can be sure that someone will be in from the bullpen when you’re up again. I can see you shaking your head and thinking great, now I have to get used to someone else. But that’s okay. Hopefully, you’ll have a big lead and you’ll see that pitcher again.
Wrong again. At your next at bat, you could be looking at the fifth reliever in the game by then. And it’s only the 7th inning. I bet you’re scared now. Yes, one thing about the Mets pitching, you never know who you’re going to face. Don’t get into extra innings with them either because once the relief core is finished, the starting pitchers will be next. Yes, maybe you’ll see Oliver Perez.
All right, all right, before you get excited, Oliver pitched on Wednesday, Don’t break the bat over your head. I know you wanted to face him. No, it’s not a chance for three homers against him in a game Chipper. He’s gone after the 4th inning remember, you’ll be facing someone else.
Anyway, during this game, you may hear people call you Larry but if Bay hits a fly ball to center field and it’s caught, the boos will begin. Yes, I don’t understand it either. Why boo Jason Bay? No body had expectations that he would help the Mets. Sports Illustrated called him George Foster. He’s not hitting between batters like Youkilis and JD Drew anymore. Minaya thought that when he got him, he can have him hit after the pitcher and still hit 36 homers.
All right, stop laughing. Francoeur was your friend also. Yes, I know the Braves GM knew that Minaya would take him. Minaya just gave you Ryan Church because he kept going on and on about the Mets doctors. It was terrible. Yes, those doctors are still with the Mets. I know, Minaya asked if he could have Greg Maddox also. Yes, if Orlando Cepeda was still playing, he’d ask for him too. HA HA HA.
You know, I wanted to make the point that Minaya thought Fenway Park had nearly the same dimensions as Citi Field. I don’t know how he would expect Jason Bay to hit 36 homers unless Oliver Perez pitched every night.
Calm down. Oliver Perez pitched on Wednesday. He won’t be back unless the Mets run out of relievers which is unlikely. They keep coming back every night like the energizer bunny. Maybe you’ll see Oliver on Sunday but don’t get your hopes up.
Now, if Pelfrey manages to get 7 innings in on you, win or lose, you’ll see him carried out of the stadium by all the relief pitchers after the game. Like Chicago, they’ll go out for a huge dinner, bottles of champagne going around. He’ll have fruit baskets in his room the next day from all the relievers with a note saying thanks for the night off. All kidding aside, I hope they make it to the all star break. That's when they get the most rest.
I guess the last thing I wanted to say was if you see Jason Heyward, tell him to take it easy on the treadmill and don’t take too many laps. He’ll have plenty of chances to run the bases at Citi Field.
See you soon. Bring some extra ice and water and give it to the relievers of the New York Mets. They work hard every day and they deserve it. They have a thankless job. I know you agree with me on that. Thanks.

Rick Holman

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