Monday, January 11, 2010

2010--Fresh Start?

January of 2010 and with the signing of Jason Bay the Mets have solved a very small piece of their overall puzzle.
After a disastrous and injury-plagued 2009, the Mets need more than a strong hitting left fielder. Pitching is still the big question mark in my book. Starting and relief pitching.
I have absolutely no confidence in Oliver Perez. He's consistently inconsistent and we're stuck with him.
John Maine is coming off injury and Mike Pelfrey needs a bounce-back year.
They have more holes in their staff than a good slice of swiss cheese.

Of course, I've been an advocate that Omar Minaya and his entire front office needs to be replaced for more than a couple of years.

I always look forward to February and the start of spring training but I'm not sure if the Mets really have enough to make all of us fans forget about last year or the year before or the year before....

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