Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Post-Post Season Starts Now

Well the Phillies 'won' the World Series so let's start really concentrating on getting into Free Agency and making those trades the Mets need to become a real strong baseball club.

I'm still not convinced that Omar Minaya is the guy for the job but he's the one in charge.
I would love to see Castillo shipped out but from what I've read, its not like other clubs are clamoring to bring this mediocre second baseman to their club.

We need to find a closer and a couple of starting pitchers. There are interesting names being batted around and I'm not one that wants K-Rod.

If Minaya spends time courting Manny Ramirez, he's truly not the GM for this team. That would be a waste of time, money and the need to get YOUNGER.

I'm also in favor of trading Carlos Delgado as one of the pieces that can help the Mets get some quality pitchers/players.

I'm curious to see if some of the bullpen remain on the squad: Scott Schowenweiss, Aaron Heilman, Duaner Sanchez and some of the other assorted misfits in the pen.

The march to spring training starts now.

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