Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Thoughts Before the Season Begins

Now that the Mets have announced their starting 2008 roster, I wanted to voice some opinions.

1. Why is Randolph using a L/R/L/R concept for pitchers? It's almost too funny. The L/R idea is for batters and the opposing pitcher...Not pitchers. John Maine should be the team's 3rd pitcher.

Of course, on my NY Mets team, Randolph isn't managing because I fired him (along with Minaya) after last season.

2. Let's hope that Randolph starts to manage more like a NL manager...using the bunt to put runners in scoring position. This year's offense is not as strong throughout the lineup and manufacturing runs is going to be something the Mets will need to do more often.
I like Pagan batting ahead of Church and still wonder how long Delgado will be allowed to remain in the fifth spot. Credit to him so far this exhibition season, he's been going a lot the other way but I fear that his strikeouts will rise this season.

3. I'll be at the first three Mets games this season in Miami. I get to hang out with a majority of Mets fans and unfortunately listen to the rants of the stupid South Florida baseball people. After opening day, the stadium should be about 65 - 35 percent filled with NY Met's fans.

Let's hope this long baseball season has a much happier ending than last years. Even with the Marlins being the last visiting team to play in Shea Stadium in 2008.

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