Friday, December 28, 2007

The Dog Days of Winter

Well this off season has been slow and with the list of free agents somewhat unimpressive, the Mets have only really done what I expected them to do. They re-signed Easley, Anderson and picked up the option on Moises Alou's contract.
I am a Paul LoDuca fan and I'm sorry to see him go but I am excited about the possibilities that Brian Schneider brings with him as a strong defensive catcher. Ryan Church is an interesting pick up though I had my heart set on signing Aaron Rowand.
As for the pitching staff, the Mets just signed Matt Wise who though started the first half of the season well for the Brewers, had a miserable second half. Lets see if the Jacket can get him back on track.
Still waiting, as we all are, to see what comes of the many rumors surrounding Johan Santana and the Mets working out a trade deal. I don't want us to trade the future for him but understand that we have to give up something. Glad Reyes and Wright are not up for trade discussion.
Minaya has something to prove to me this year. He's on the right track by getting rid of G. Mota and not costing us anything.
Opening day for the Mets has them in Dolphin Stadium. I'll be there rooting them on and providing more of my insights and analysis. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year everyone!

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