Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And Now What?

It's been a bit over a week since the Mets meltdown and I've been thinking about what I would do to try and improve the team and hopefully avoid a repeat next year.
First regarding the pitching staff and bullpen:
1) I would not bring back Tom Glavine. I understand that we would need to replace his 13 win and 200 plus innings but I just feel that having him back again (assuming he will not retire and be available to re-sign) would be a mistake. He is the type of pitcher who has been squeezed by umpires and their narrow strike zones more often than not this year. It might be time to let Pelfrey, Humber and maybe even Mulvey fight it out for that spot.
2) I would let Guillermo Mota go and just take our losses with his contract.
3) I might be inclined to use Aaron Heilman as part of a trade to get another starting pitcher. The only way I would entertain a trade with Minnesota for Johan Santana is with the stipulation that Santana agree to a long-term deal and not become a free agent after the next season. He's going to cost the Mets a few young players and it's not worth it to have him as a one year rental. If he's not available, Minaya needs to look around the league for another decent starter to fill in as a 4th or 5th starter. I guess that leaves someone like Dontrelle Willis--a sure reclamation project for Rick Peterson.
4) Keep Jorge Sosa in the bullpen and find another long reliever.

As far as free agents:
1) I know that Luis Castillo has knee problems, but I would take the risk and sign him to at least a two year contract.
2) I would not bring back Jose Valentin, instead opting to sign both Marlon Anderson and Damion Easley.
3) Re-sign both Paul LoDuca and Ramon Castro.
4) Pick up the option on Moises Alou. He's too valuable, even at 41, to let go.
5) If Luis Castillo does not or is not available, the Mets should consider signing David Eckstein and putting him back at 2B.
6) I would offer a contact to Phillies outfielder Aaron Rowand. He is a hardnosed player who would fit in as another leader on this team. He could play either corner position and I anticipate that Lastings Milledge would be part of a trade package for a quality pitcher like Santana, so Rowand would be a perfect fit.

1) I think it's time to say so long to Ricky Henderson and Sandy Alomar, Sr. Why not bring up Ken Oberkfell and make him our 3B coach. Put HoJo back at first and hire another hitting instructor.

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