Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is July

It would appear that the start of July is continuing like the month of June. The Mets are still not 'clicking on all cylinders' and I have begun to wonder if this is going to happen at all this year. They are impatient at the plate. The team is old. I really think Minaya needs to make some changes or this season is going to be a lost cause. Valentin is not playing well since his knee injury. I would start Gotay and keep Easley as the backup. Green has been too inconsistent since he has come back from the DL. When Milledge is ready to come back, I think I would bring him up. Sele never pitches. Delgado seems be on the downside of his career. Glavine is showing his age.
Last year was like we caught lightning in a bottle up to the last inning of game 7 against the Cardinals. I think everyone just thought it would be easy to repeat the way we won games and dominated this season too. The baseball gods don't work that way. The Braves and Phillies are not very good teams and that is the only reason the Mets have been able to hang on to first place in the East.
With half a season to go and the trading deadline (without clearing waivers) looming at the end of this month, I hope Minaya makes some smart decisions and doesn't trade away prospects for a rental. I think the Mets need to look for a first baseman. I am not sure that F. Martinez is going to be ready to play in the majors yet.
It's becoming more difficult to watch this team play every night. It seems like Randolph believes that if the Mets just keep 'swinging the bats' everything will start to click.
Delgado made outs yesterday 2 times with men on base. He's killing us. If this is a business then let's act like it is. When you're not performing, you get fired. I would sit Delgado and let Green play 1st, Milledge in RF, Franco should be released outright, Gotay at 2b, and find another hitting coach who believes in teaching guys to be patient at the plate.

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