Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's Turning Into a "Funny" Year

It seems that this year, what can go wrong will as compared to last year where whatever went wrong didn't seem to matter. The Mets have been beset with injuries to their outfielders and now with Endy Chavez's pulled hamstring, one of their key bench players is out for a bit. This brings me to ask the question, Does having Julio Franco and David Newhan help or hurt?
I've not been too impressed with either of them this year. As pinch hitters, both are missing more than they are contributing. I know Franco is 'old and wise' and helps out with the younger guys but is that a real reason to keep him around? We have coaches and good ones. We don't need a "player-coach" especially one who is hitting below the Mason/Dixon line at a measly .184 with only 8 RBIs.
Newhan, though he did make a great play in left field yesterday in the Mets loss to the Phillies, is not faring much better. Newhan is batting .200 with only 4 RBIs. He did get a hit in yesterday's game but he is so inconsistent.
Is it time that Randolph and Minaya take off their rose colored glasses, especially as it relates to Franco and start looking around for a bit more bench help? We have Ricky Ledee in the minors along with Chip Ambres and Jesus Feliciano.
I often here Minaya talk about that he can never have enough pitching. This year it would seem that he might want to change that cry to you can never enough enough depth on the bench.

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