Saturday, June 9, 2007

Newhan to New Orleans

Well in my eyes, it's about time. David Newhan was sent down yesterday and Ricky Ledee was brought up in his place. I've blogged that Newhan is just not pulling his weight and for that matter neither is Julio Franco.
I've read a few other blogs where people have commented that Franco should be made a coach and the Mets should trade for Cliff Floyd. Giving up players for Floyd is a bad idea.
I still think that Franco has outlived his usefulness as a player/pinch-hitter.
Rethinking who should go down if Shawn Green is taken off the DL...I would keep Carlos Gomez because his speed in the outfield is tough to find. I know he'll come around at the plate. Maybe Ledee's stay is short-lived? He could go back or as I originally suggested, Damion Easley could go on the DL with his bruised knee. I wouldn't touch Gotay--he needs to backup Valentin who will probably play 5 or 6 games and then get a day off. If Easley is fine, Gotay goes back to New Orleans.

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